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Fall out 3

fall out 3 has good game play and deservse to be one of the best games of the year. Great story nothing really bad to say about it. Rated T.******* 7/10

Stunt man 2: ignition

Stunt man two ignition is defenitly a good game but it can be frustrating trying to get though tight little spots while staying on task. if you like hard games its for you, but if not its you. Rated T. ***** 5/10. Not for everyone.

Gears of war 2

G.O.W 2 is set to be a good game. It is a pretty basic game and is much like the first one, but this has new maps an online play. Like in the first you have all the characters but I think they should have a new enemy. The locust should all be dead. The good thin is there is a new boss in the final chapter. It is a worth while game and deservse to be played. Rated T. ******** 8/10. Recomended

Call of duty 5: world at war

 This game is ok. It really shouldn't be back in world war II. They should have stayed at modern warfare. The game play is good but thats almost all there is to like about it. Ya you get different places to fight, but really you should put more effort in to making a game that people will keep buying. They went from WW2 - Modern -WW2. That shouldn't happen. ****** 6/10. Rated T. Not for every one.